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Here you can find our best choice VPN accounts from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Netherlands. It covers the most popular countries you may want to use for a secure VPN access needs. We frequently update this table to reflect the latest new VPN servers we discovered online. So bookmark our page, you will always be able to find the best VPN connections for almost any special tunnelling requirement you need for an excellent web browsing browsing experience. Enjoy the Free VPN Accounts!

Location VPN Server Protocol Username Password
US - Chicago PPTP 1314
UK - London PPTP 1867
Canada - Montreal PPTP 3014
NL - Haarlem PPTP 1378
US - Miami PPTP 2069
UK - Maidenhead PPTP 6139
UK - London L2TP 2736
Canada - Montreal L2TP 2347
Germany - Frankfurt L2TP 4731
US - Miami L2TP 3015
HK - Hong Kong L2TP 1774

The L2TP VPN PreShared Secret Keys for All Servers are same as:

We update multiple Free VPN connection information here in real time. The VPN server covers from North America to Europe, all are thoroughly tested and verified by our most professional technical engineers. All these Free tunnel access details are for secure, clean and malware free high quality VPN connections.

To get the best results from VPN access, try to do some quick tests to figure out after established a VPN connection, it will tell you what is the best VPN server for your broadband ISP connection. A high quality VPN is all about good data center for VPN network, good download speed, short network delay and no packet loss. Here are some trusted websites that you can do the tests easily:

VPN Location Test - Use the Free website www.IPIPIP.Net

Download Speed Test - Use the Free website

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